Breeder of Marans, the Dark Egg Layers...
Marans are very popular in England as well as France, and are considered rare in the
United States.  The Marans are a heavy, dual purpose breed raised for their meat as
well as their large beautiful chocolate brown eggs !
The Marans breed originated in the Village of Marans, France
which is located about 240 miles south of Paris or about 100 miles
north of Bordeaux.

The brown egg color is controlled by about 14 genes and the color
is applied as the egg passes through the oviduct.

Look carefully when you go to invest in your new flock members.
Never buy "Marans" without verification that the flock can produce
at least # 4 eggs on the color chart.
Grace and Solomon
Black Copper Pullet and Cockerel
April 2012 in Texas Bluebonnets
The Black Copper Marans is the most common variety in France and has one of the
darkest egg colors.  This variety has become very popular in the United States, and
in 2011,the American Poultry Association  accepted the Black Copper Variety and
also Wheaten Variety into the Continental Class.

Many APA/ABA shows also have Marans Egg Shows.....

The Marans breeders in America have worked VERY hard to get these
feather-legged varieties accepted....
Egg color can vary according to the time of year, diet, and condition of the bird.  The
egg color is generally darkest in early Spring, and lightens during the summer
months.  The egg color can be an even brown, or spotted and will have a matte or
shiny finish to the shell.
We are a small poultry farm and are striving to produce show quality, as well as
dark egg producing birds.

Some of my birds are from the Bev Davis line, and I am adding new birds from
her line.

I am a member of the Marans Chicken Club USA.

Farm visits by appointment only.  Our address is a private residence so please
contact us for an appointment.

Our farm is NPIP certified to be Pullorum-Typhoid clean.

Several of my Marans have received Best of Continental Class, BB, BV at shows in Texas, Oklahoma, and
Georgia, including 3rd Best Overall (Black Pullet), at the Black Copper Marans qualifying Meet in Newnan,
Georgia 2011

Grace, one of my Black Copper Pullets, won Reserve Large Fowl, Best Continental , BB, BV at the South
Texas State Fair Poultry Show in 2012 and Best Continental at several other shows, including the 2012
Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show.

I raise the following varieties:
Black Copper, Wheaten, Blue Wheaten, Black (rare) Variety.....
and I am also working on Black Tail Buff, Blue Tail Buff, Blue, Blue Copper and Birchen.

If you are interested in Cuckoo or Salmon varieties....... contact my Show and Hatching partner,                   
April Howington at  
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