Did you know that Marans were imported from the seaport
village of Marans, France?

These layers of stunning dark red eggs began crossing the
Atlantic with servicemen to the Americas after the Second
World War. The popularity of the bird in France resulted in
flocks throughout England, Belgium, Switzerland,
Australia and Canada.

Consumers might know the clean-legged “English type” of
the Marans breed, but the American Poultry Association
(APA)standard adheres to the original French standard,
calling for lightly feathered shanks and outer toes.

Best known for their large, russet brown eggs, you will
find the focus of Marans Unlimited on egg color, a large
table egg size, and a well-balanced medium sized bird.

Our birds are bred to the APA and Marans Chicken Club
USA standards, and many of the offspring derived from
our lines are producing consistent winners here in Texas
and throughout the nation.
The passionate poultry breeders creating the
Marans Unlimited line, Beverly Robertson and
Sandy Siegfried, are current members and
prior officers of the Marans Chicken Club USA.

We are a small poultry farm and are striving to
produce show quality birds that produce dark
eggs. Some of o
ur birds are from the Bev
Davis line, and w
e are adding new birds from
her line.

Marans Unlimited is a member of the National
Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) and we are
certified Texas Pullorum-Typhoid and AI clean.
Look carefully when you go to invest in your new flock members.
Never buy "Marans" without verification that the flock can produce
at least #4 eggs on the Marans Club USA color chart.