continue the ongoing effort for additional APA variety
acceptance; to actively support members with their
breeding efforts in working toward the best overall
bird; to strive together to breed birds that lay the
darkest eggs possible. Join us on this incredible
journey at

In February 2011, The Marans Chicken Club USA
(MCCUSA) was successful in its qualifying meet for
the Black Copper variety at the Chattahoochee Valley
Poultry Show in Newnan, Georgia.

The American Poultry Association OFFICIALLY
recognized the Black Copper variety in April 2011
assigning them to the Continental Class.

The Wheaten variety was recognized in October 2011.

The White variety was recognized in January 2014.

The solid Black variety is currently in it's final stages
for acceptance.

BEV'S MARANS (Our Mentor)

Beverley "Bev" Davis remains a major force in the
breed and the refined Marans breed we know today.
Her work centers on breeding the best poultry
possible. Lines have previously been limited in the
USA and Beverley has spent years working with
limited genetic material in developing the breadth of
plumage colors available in the breed. Along the
journey to building quality lines of Marans matching
the French Standard, she annually raises hundreds of
chicks to the point of lay in search of proper type and
the pullets ability to produce high quality egg shell
pigment over time, not just once or occasionally.
The Marans is a general purpose fowl for production of both meat and eggs.
Your pursuit for quality Marans is best supported working with Marans Chicken Club USA
members. You will enjoy your journey  working with us, showing at APA sanctioned shows, and
learning about this stunning breed alongside Marans Unlimited and MCCUSA.