During the 25+ hour adventure an egg takes to develop
inside the hen, 14 genes specific to the Marans cause the
lustrous color of these egg to be "applied" in the oviduct.

Susan L. from Austin, Texas says:  This is how Marans should be raised! Beverly Robertson has beautiful birds and very dark,
DARK eggs! The Blue Copper eggs from Beverly are often darker than those from my Black Coppers.

As a new breeder, I wanted the very best birds I could find.  I started with Blue Copper from Beverly last year and more Blue
Coppers and Splash Marans from her this year.  I not only placed third with my pullet at the 2011 National Qualifying Meet in
Newnan Georgia, I also placed first and more with her stock in numerous categories at the Fancy Feathers Show in New
Braunfels this year !  Her stock has made me an instant show stopping success !!

My Black Copper hatching eggs from her are popping like crazy as I type, and I can't wait to own some Beverly Blacks !!
Thank you Beverly !  Thank you so much !

Marans Unlimited has hatching eggs available
throughout the year. Please contact us to see what
is popping out of our incubators this week or what
eggs we are gathering from our coops. We can ship
eggs throughout the country weather permitting
depending upon current availability.

Please contact us to get on our waiting list for
hatching eggs.

Below you will find photos of some of our beautiful
eggs and wonderful chicks.